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Find out what we are all about and how parents, students and teachers can all benefit from the amazing specialist support across the Neurodiversity Trust Academies. Watch the replay of our virtual open evening. 
More Benefits of Joining as a Specialist Member

Dyslexia & Dyscalculia Academy Membership Benefits.

Don't miss out on this huge range of support available to you in our unique 3 way bridging support method- so that together we can work together to access support, resources, and all the many features of the academy to help knock down these barriers for our amazing children with dyslexia and dyscalculia. 

****FEATURED GAME Full Access to Touch Typing Hero ****

Learning to touch type has a huge range of benefits and removes a large number of barriers.  We know many students that have been able to use word processors in exams in order to demonstrate their potential. Over the years, Katie and the team have struggled to find a touch typing programme that was fun, interactive, and felt game like for the younger students using it. Therefore, they collaborated with some of the most specialist ICT programmers around to make a structured touch typing programme that not only focuses on Touch Typing, but it also cleverly develops a child's phonological awareness (usually a key difficulty within a dyslexic profile).  

Full Access to Dyslexia-Academy Specialist Student Support Programme

The DASSSP is as unique as you and your fabulous young person and it is a timetable and access to a specialist planned programme of support in a range of areas depending upon ones needs. Students will get access to specialist programmes of support in Literacy, Maths, Number Sense, Memory, wellbeing, organisation, mental health, physical health, metacognition. The planned programme of support may include online learning programmes, Parent on demand training, live zoom parent training sessions, student multi-sensory workshops and full access to Super Powers Self-Esteem Club for our younger students. 

Full Access to our Online Shop- Take a look Here! All Resources are included!!

All our specialist Teacher resources and workbooks are downloadable for you to use at home with your child in our online shop. These are resources that are made by our specialist team and cover a range of key areas: sequencing, working memory, reading, spelling, maths and number sense. Specialist Members can even request a code for their child's teacher to gain access to this specialist selection of resources to support their child in school. Resources are updated monthly.

Full Access to Our Online Learning Arcade

A completely fun, multi-sensory yet structured Learning arcade that targets:
 Self-Esteem, Touch Typing, Phonological Awareness, Working Memory, Reading, Spelling, self-esteem, subitising and Maths.

***Please note this is currently being updated.***

Full Access to Our Parent Support Courses

Our parent courses are designed to help you as parents find ways to support your child. They cover a range of areas including; how to support your child with learning their times tables, supporting your child with working memory, dyslexia and dyscalculia awareness. These are updated monthly. 

Super Powers Penpals Club

Our Dyslexia-Academy Mascots, amazing Adam and Ispirational Isla want your child to join their club. As a Specialist member, your child will be sent an amazing welcome pack, including a Penpals Certificate, Pen, Dyslexia Super Power Teddy, Dyslexia-Academy water bottle all within a fabulous Dyslexia-Academy mascot bag. Upon joining the club, Adam and Isla will invite your child to write to them. The best letters are published on the site and could win a prize!

Monthly Virtual Coffee Mornings

Need some advice? Has your child recently been diagnosed with dyslexia and/or dyscalculia? Want to pick our IPSEA parent support advisor’s brains? Do you want to meet other parents and ask their advice? Come along to our monthly meet ups. You just need to remember to bring the biscuits! Each session includes a live stage Presentation by one of our guest experts, our coffee morning whatsapp support group and exclusive offers only available to Specialist and Live-Pro members. 

Termly Multi-Sensory Workshops

Our multi-sensory fun learning workshops always go down a treat! They focus on meeting others, developing key areas such as working memory and self-esteem and often focus on different themes. These are for ages 6-11 and run online termly via our online multi-sensory classroom.  There is always a fun prize up for grabs in our competitions too!