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Be sure to check out our  featured game 'Touch Typing Hero' which features our Dyslexia & Dyscalculia-Academy mascots Amazing Adam and Inspirational Isla as they embark on a mission to save our mascots from the monsters.  The monsters are defeated through touch typing activities that develop the basic early skills on touch typing whilst incorporating a fun phonological awareness element.  The final level of our featured game focuses on developing self esteem by typing out self affirming positive statement devised by my wonderful dyslexic daughter who is passionate about helping others with the emotional repercussions of dyslexia. 

Join Amazing Adam and inspirational Isla as they develop a range of memory strategies to support them build their own theme park.  A huge thank you to our students from our multi-sensory online classroom sessions who helped us to design this incredible game!

Help us to keep the dinosaurs at bay with our new game subitising hero. Subitising is a key skill that learners with dyscalculia may struggle with. This game features a range of early subitising skill development opportunities in a fun light hearted way. 

The arcade features a range of ongoing games added to monthly focusing on reading, spelling, reading comprehension, Maths, subitising, touch typing and working memory. Keep checking back for new releases.

I hope your young person enjoys these games as much as we have had fun developing them. If you have any suggestions for games that you would like to add please do contact us at email: info@dyslexia-academy.co.uk