Parents - Select your DASSSP below

The Dyslexia / Dyscalculia Specialist Student Support Programme looks different for everyone. Access to one or more of our approved DASSSP programmes below is available as part of your Academy Specialist Membership.


So, what is the process?
How you access the DASSSP programmes depends upon which statement is correct for you below from statement 1-4 and follow the advice given.

1. My child has had an assessment with the Dyslexia Centre North West or the Dyslexia & Dyscalculia academy and I would like to request the specialist team to access the report & recommendations in order to best advise us which DASSSP Approved programmes it would be beneficial to request access to.
STEP-  Please complete this form.

2. My child has had an assessment elsewhere and I would like a member of the team to take a look at the report to be able to receive specialist advice on the most appropriate DASSSP Approved Programme. 
STEP_-Please complete this form.

3. My child has not had an assessment to date, but I would like to book an assessment for my child as a first step before accessing a DASSSP approved programme.
There are a range of different assessment screenings, barrier to learning assessments and full diagnostic dyslexia & dyscalculia assessment options. This is an additional service and not part of the membership. Why not arrange a chat with Jayne here at the Academies within the Trust who can help to offer the most appropriate advice so that you can be sure that you are accessing the most suitable DASSSP Programme.
Step- Book a call here

4. I wish to begin learning about the DASSSP Approved programmes myself and want to 
a) access the trainings/demos to learn about the programmes more myself
b)complete a request form to access the most suitable Literacy & or Maths Programme.

Great- let's get going... A comparison table plus some short info/intro trainings in the programmes can be found below. These are just designed as a starting point to help you navigate towards the right DASSSP programme/course as live Q & A sessions on programmes will be scheduled within the Academy. Once you are ready to request access to the most appropriate programme for your child, then you can do so here.

Take a look at our comparison charts at the DASSSP approved Programmes and Courses to help guide you towards accessing the most appropriate training to learn more about the programmes below.

The most appropriate DASSSP Approved on demand Programmes and AQA Courses are included for your child to boost key skill areas. Access to the most beneficial programme for your child is just one exclusive amazing feature of your membership. Remember to check out the Timetable below for workshops, masterclasses, coffee mornings and much much more!

Learn more about DASSSP Approved Literacy Programmes/Courses

Use the comparison chart above to guide you towards accessing training below in the DASSSP approved Literacy/English Training programmes/courses to try to determine which would be a good fit for your child..

Learn  more about DASSSP Approved Maths Programmes/Courses

Use the comparison chart above to guide you towards accessing training in the DASSSP approved Numeracy/Maths Programmes/courses below to try and determine which would be a good fit for your child.

Learn more about DASSSP Approved programmes/courses/apps in phonological awareness, tracking and self-esteem.

Use the comparison chart above to guide you towards accessing training in the DASSSP approved programmes below in self-esteem, phonological awareness and eye tracking. Additional areas to be added soon.