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AQA Unit Award Scheme
Maths & English

Our Unit Award Scheme (UAS) allows all students to engage with learning and see a clearer route towards GCSE English and Maths success. The scheme offers many benefits for your child. 

Choose your Subject
You can choose to study Maths and/or English. We've taken care of the challenging aspects for you and aligned bite-sized modules with our GCSE English and Maths criteria.

Empowerment- Support Their Future
Empower your child by reinforcing essential skills and knowledge as they progress toward their GCSE English and Maths goals.

Accessible For All
UAS is an inclusive platform suitable for learners of various abilities, and it can be customised to meet their individual requirements.

Observe a boost in their enthusiasm and motivation as they accumulate a collection of certificates for each successfully completed unit.

The Unit Award Scheme is not an alternative towards GCSE; However, it is a self-esteem pathway of awards to success, securing the foundations and prior knowledge needed and are mapped to GCSE Specifications. 

The Units run over a 4 week course per half term. Check the timetable in members area for latest course details.