Maths Anxiety Day 10.11.22

Top Tips for reducing Maths Anxiety
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➕✖️➗➖🟰It’s Maths Anxiety Day 2022 and we want to share our Positivity Pets Give Away and give some Top Tips for Reducing Maths Anxiety in the Classroom.
Expressing thoughts and feelings before the lesson/test/exam/maths situation is a good start to beginning to relieve the anxiety. Younger students can talk to their Positivity Pet. Write short compositions, draw pictures in paint (or pencil), go outside for some fresh air-whatever works best with what time constraints you're working under!
Research suggests that there is a very close link between anxiety and excitement. Therefore, you can use trickery to trick your brain to be in a positive mindset! Before you take any important lessons or exams, it's helpful to encourage your student in positive self-talk such as saying "I am going do well on this!"  Students could talk to their Positivity Pet.
Breathing practices can help to improve the emotional repercussions linked with Maths Anxiety.  Check out the video from the Dyscalculia-Academy Mascots Amazing Adam and Inspirational Isla on the use of the EFT Technique here.

The Dyscalculia-Academy have 50 Positivity Pets up for Grabs. To enter your child/student needs to draw their favourite positivity pet and submit to our gallery via the QR code in the useful Maths Anxiety Poster here (QR code also offers Specialist parent/teacher Support and chat with us) or via the form below.

Competition closes at midnight on Sunday 13th November 2022. Entries will be displayed in the Gallery week beginning 14th November 2022. Winners will be notified via email week beginning 21st November 2022.

Good Luck and Positive Vibes!