What is the DASSSP?
Dyslexia & Dyscalculia Academy Specialist Student Support Programme

DASSSP (Dyslexia/Dyscalculia Academy Specialist Student Support Programme)

The DASSSP is a combination of online support programmes which encompasses Literacy and Maths Support. The combination of DASSSP support looks different for each pupil as we recognise each and every person has a unique combination of strengths and difficulties in relation to building Literacy & Numeracy Skills.

 Upon joining the academy, we advise that the school/parent complete the Neurodiversity Trust online screening with the pupil/child in order for us to advise on which Dyslexia & Dyscalculia Accredited Literacy and Numeracy Programmes to access. Once this has been completed the pupil will gain a log in via School & Home to access an online Dyslexia & Dyscalculia Academy Accredited Reading & Spelling Programme and or a Maths & Number Sense Development Programme. This can be accessed at home, school or both.

Our Dyslexia & Dyscalculia Accredited programmes may include a range of support areas, including reading fluency, spelling, maths, number sense. These are usually accessed 2-3 times per week by the pupil.
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What else is included Specialist Level Subscription?

Live Pupil Online Multi-Sensory Workshops
Our Monthly Multi-sensory Live workshops offer Key stage 2 & Key Stage 3 pupils the opportunity to develop working memory & Executive function strategies whilst developing self-esteem and engaging with other fabulously neurodiverse individuals. Our exciting reward scheme builds confidence and the foundations of future success.

Learning Arcade
You can find Touch Typing Hero, Memory Hero and Subitising Hero as our 3 main featured games in the learning arcade.
Touch Typing Hero
The Dyslexia-Academy Accredited Touch Typing Programme, Touch Typing Hero is suitable for Key Stage 2 pupils and aims to support the basics of touch typing skills whilst also developing phonological awareness and self-esteem with the self affirmation statements through a game like motivating platform. For our older pupils in upper Keys Stage 2 & 3, we offer a Dyslexia-Academy Accredited Touch Typing Programme where our specialist teachers offer specialised spelling lists and individualised curriculum subject lists.

Memory Hero
Memory Hero is a Dyslexia-Academy accredited game with a memory focus, designed for pupils in Key Stage 1, 2 & may be suitable for some younger pupils in Key Stage 3. It includes the Academy mascots Inspirational Isla and Amazing Adam, who set off on an adventure to complete the memory sequences in order to build their own hero hideout. The games focus areas are on visual, spatial memory- a key area of difficulty usually within a dyscalculia profile.

Subitising Hero
Subitising Hero is a Dyscalculia-Academy Accredited game with a focus on developing number sense, designed for pupils in Key Stage 1, 2 & may be suitable for some younger pupils in Key Stage 3. Pupils assist the Academy Mascots Inspirational Isla & Amazing Adam as they solve the subitising questions to defeat the dinosaurs. The game has 5 levels which covers 5 key subitisng areas of development. Pupils with dyscalculia often have difficulties with the skill of subitising.
In the Arcade, many more key skills area games constantly being developed, devised and added by our specialist team. Learning through fun, multi-sensory engaging games is a great way to secure the foundations and have fun along the way. Keeping learning fun is key and the incredible neurodiverse brain is much more likely to secure the foundations of learning in a fun multi-sensory way. You can keep checking back in the arcade for new game developments and even submit requests for games that cover a certain skill area that your pupil/child need to develop.

Super Powers Penpals Club
The Super Powers Penpals Club is an on-demand, unique self-esteem boosting process for pupils in Key Stage 1 & 2 to engage with written communication with Inspirational Isla & Amazing Adam , whether it be through a handwritten approach or a word processed element in our secure online portal. Pupils can upload a piece of their school work, share some news or submit a picture to our Art Gallery. Each month a winner is selected to promote communication and encouragement.

Empowering Neurodiversity Project Club
The Empowering Neurodiversity Club is an on-demand unique way to boost self-esteem for pupils in upper Key Stage 2 & 3. The club’s ethos is to develop those empowering research skills for pupils to complete a project about an inspirational neurodiverse person of their choice. Some famous well-known people are featured within the club to start the research process. The idea behind the club is that pupils are invited to submit a self-directed research project about an inspirational neurodiverse person, thus encouraging empowerment, self-reflected study and self-esteem. All project entries receive a Neurodiversity Trust Certificate of achievement. For older students there is the opportunity to turn this opportunity in to an extended Project Qualification which is the equivalent of half an A-Level and is favoured considerably by universities and employers.
Neuropreneur Academy
Neuropreneur Academy celebrates all strengths neurodiversity related with an extra curriculum entrepreneur side hussle learning experience! We want to engage that spark for thinking out side of the box and creativity and the developing range of courses within the Neuropreneur Academy aims to do just that. This different learning approach focuses on the skills involved with starting your own business, encouraging your pupil/s / child to extend those incredible neural pathways – anything really is possible! The sky is the limit! Units are mapped to the AQA unit award scheme.
Live Monthly Virtual Coffee Mornings and Specialist Training
Our Virtual Coffee Mornings are held monthly and are the ideal way for parents to gain specialist knowledge and support with our Expert presentation. Following the presentation, there is the opportunity for parents to ask questions and chat to each other to develop that important supportive link and community support network.
Live Parent Online Classroom
Regular training is provided in a range of areas for parents in our online classroom, covering how to support your child in reading, spelling, maths, wellbeing, self esteem and the emotional repercussions of dyslexia & dyscalculia. Weekly Question and Answer questions are held for parents who may have questions about particular programmes of study offered by the Academy Trust.
On Demand Parent Courses
On Demand Parent Courses are available in a diverse range of areas in order for parents to feel empowered to take action to support their fabulous neurodiverse child immediately. These are updated and added to regularly, and requests can be submitted from parents for different course areas of study in our Parent Request Hub.
School Support
AQA Unit Award Scheme
Our Unit Award Scheme (UAS) allows students in Key Stage 3 & 4 to engage with learning and see a clearer route towards GCSE English and Maths success. By using our ready to go bitesize units, mapped to GCSE specifications, a tangible sense of progress and achievements is open to all our neurodiverse students of all ages which acts as a stepping stone to success. Dyslexia & Dyscalculia Academy Accredited on Demand Training covering the delivery requirements of each unit is provided to the relevant school staff, SENDCO, Teacher or Teaching Assistant. The member of school staff will then work with the pupil/s to submit the required evidence of pupil achievement. We have found that there is no stopping our Academy pupils with UAS as they are really very proud of their portfolios after years of struggling to achieve. By linking the awards to GCSE Work, pupils feel empowered and motivated to succeed.

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