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Youth Entrepreneurship

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Ollie Jowett

Neuropreneur Academy Lead
An introductory course for aspiring entrepreneurs. This training will guide you through the process of starting a business. By the end of the course you will have a strong business idea and an understanding of what you need to do to bring your business to life. 

What's included?

  • 10 Lessons
  • 8+ Videos 
  • Visual Learning
  • Practical Tasks
  • Step by Step Learning

Entrepreneurship Explained

Find out what it means to be an entrepreneur. Identify your skills, find an idea and set goals for your new business journey. Start a business, step by step. 

Business & Marketing

You will also learn how to put your ideas into practice and find your first customers with our marketing module. 

Practical Tasks 

All of the modules in the course include practical activities to set achievable goals and bring your ideas to life.  
Meet the instructor

Ollie Jowett

Ollie is a hugely talented entrepreneur and agency owner. He has shown a natural aptitude for business, building his marketing agency from the ground up to become a leading and respected industry expert. Ollie’s focus is on creating unique client experiences to help business owners thrive in their industry. He also dedicates his time to running an incredibly successful mastermind for ambitious entrepreneurs, giving them the necessary skills and knowledge to propel them forwards and achieve their business goals.   
Patrick Jones - Course author